Wednesday 29 May 2013

Now We Are FIVE!

Please be good enough to allow us a brief moment of self-indulgence: we had a delightful birthday party and here is the evidence, in alphabetical order:

Amor De Dias looking relaxed in rehearsal: 

and sounding inspired in performance:

Birdie reminding us all how much we have been missing them: 

Ignacio from Hacia dos Veranos sitting in the sunshine:

and later with Gwen and Harvey on stage:

Massive thanks to everyone who played so well, including the musicians and our ace DJ Andy Lewis; plus all our chums at the Lexington who work so hard while we're farting around; also Ed from Five Points Brewery who made our delicious birthday beer and helped it to be provided at a hangover-inducing special price, and to Celine for bringing crumble. CRUMBLE!

And to the bunch of awesome nutters who gave us this (especially Bill, thanks for making the effort):

And to everyone who bothered to come along, thanks a lot and see you soon!

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