Friday 18 September 2009

Name That Tune: L'accord Parfait by Autour de Lucie

L’accord Parfait is a wistful song with such a great melodic punch that it should have gone down in pop folklore. I can tell you that it’s from their 1994 debut album L'Échappée belle, which was produced in part by Michael Head, but not what it’s about, although listening to it is more fun than waving a dog's head on a stick at your mother.

In the interests of research, I should’ve played their follow-up album, Immobile, but some vague memory told me not to bother with it again. I don’t have any more of their records. It would be unfair to describe any band who can write such a magical desert island disc as L’accord Parfait as “average” – even though that’s what most of their songs are – because no average band ever wrote a song this good.