Monday 28 November 2016

Allo Darlin special Sunday 11 December

Like scarlet fever and Noel Edmonds, there's no getting rid of the Hangover Lounge. We're back at the Water Rats from midday to 7pm on Sunday 11 December, right before and right by the final Allo Darlin gig.

This event is for Allo Darlin fans to congregate before the gig. Things you can do there:

  • eat (all-day breakfasts, brunches and Sunday roasts are available)
  • listen to great music (it'll be low key, because that's what we do, and we know some of you might have been at the Saturday night gig and feeling a little fragile)
  • chat with like-minded folks

Allo Darlin will be there for a while, so this is your chance to tell them how much you love them and get records signed and selfies taken.

It's all free (apart from the food) but Bill Botting will probably charge you £1 for a photo or an autograph. Nothing we can do about that, but you could try haggling.

There's a facebook event.

Monday 14 November 2016

The Last Lounge: Sunday November 20

After 8.5 years the final curtain is coming down. Yes, we’ve climbed every mountain and forded every stream. More importantly, we’ve made some lifelong friends and released some fantastic records by brilliant bands.

One of the things we’ve done that we’re most proud of is put on dozens of gigs. So we’re putting 6 (SIX) bands on for our last fandango. Think of Sunday November 20 as less of another nail in the coffin of 2016, a shitty year without doubt, and more of a chance to celebrate with friends and great music.

So come out and watch this lot see us out in style:

They’re masters of Left Banke psych and Laura Nyro pop. They stopped in 2001. We persuaded them to reform and play again. They did several times for us and even recorded a new song that we released. Birdie have to play the final Hangover Lounge. So they are.

Darren Hayman
Darren’s been a regular attendee, played many gigs for us, released a record on our label and even designed a Hangover Lounge poster. We like to think that after years at the business end of the music industry, he rediscovered that you can do a club, release records and promote gigs for love not money. “It was a brilliant thing. You created so many connections. I know so many people through the Hangover Lounge. Thank you.”

Oslo House
It’s been an absolute delight to put on so many brilliant new bands. So let’s carry on that tradition at the last Lounge. Oslo House’s Plateau is one of 2016’s great debuts, especially if you think Woods-style psych and Feelies jangle is great. We definitely do.

Hacia Dos Veranos
We released their album Limay. One day it’ll get full-page features in magazines calling it a lost classic. It’s a classic alright. The Clientele’s Alasdair Maclean said: "Their guitarist is a maestro: economical, precise, lyrical. His rolling, arpeggiated style will remind you of Felt’s Maurice Deebank or Vini Reilly, but he also possesses a faint echo of Johnny Marr, in that for all his sense of space and harmony he’s playing tunes first and foremost."

Aka Mark Hamilton, who specialises in "sad words wrapped in pretty pop music". Recent album Trouble is their best yet - baroque folk by way of Fleetwood Mac that sidles up to Roxy Music for a record about rhythm and sex and sadness.

Whoa Melodic
This is the latest musical moniker for Michael Wood, who’s just released his first single, Hey Hey My Reflection. If you like timeless, gentle, breezily melancholy folk pop, along the lines of Badly Drawn Boy, the Lilac Time, M Craft or even Squeeze this will be right up your street. Of course you’ll recognise Michael from Adekola Sound, the Hayman Kupa Band, Singing Adams, and helping make the Leaf Library such a great live act.

Beer mats. No, not a band. Our Tim has made superb Hangover Lounge beer mats over the last 5 years. He’s got some especially good new ones for this occasion. First come, first served.

Doors open at 2pm. First band on at 3pm. It's free. Children are welcome.