Tuesday 21 July 2009

On The Beach July 26

The Hangover Lounge welcomes the fine folk at On The Beach this Sunday, July 26. A look at the playlists from their Buffalo Bar club on their myspace shows they have fine taste in music.

They will, of course, be playing the mellower side of things to heal Saturday night's over-indulgences.

The kitchen, which got the thumbs up from punters last week, will be open to give you something to wash down.

Monday 13 July 2009

DJ Downfall and Help Stamp Out Loneliness 19 July

This Sunday 19 July the 40th anniversary of the moon landing is commemorated with lunar-themed sets by DJ Downfall and Mike Winship.

As if that wasn't enough, Colm from Help Stamp Out Loneliness will be recovering from his stag do hangover by playing a set (non-moon related, just to mix things up).

You want more? Then you shall have it: FOOD. Yes, the Lexington kitchen starts this week offering roast dinners, burgers, chips, that sort of thing.

As ever, the recovery process starts at 2pm.

Monday 6 July 2009

Minutes from July 5

Minutes from the Hangover Lounge 5 July 2009.

1. White dreads = bad thing.
2. PJ Harvey was not once half of PJ and Duncan; in fact, PJ Harvey made PJ and Duncan change their names to Ant and Dec.
3. Helen from Shrag begged for the Heaven 17 album no one else would claim.
4. Liam Gallagher has a cheese butler who recommends what cheese nibble will complement whatever continental lager he’s drinking.