Thursday 29 September 2011

Withered Hand and Vatican Cellars footage

All this takeaway food is making me feel unwell
at my funeral have them play Highway To Hell

Isn't grey hair just the first light of a new dawn

Thanks to TheBoudicca3 who filmed those Withered Hand songs and also shot footage of Simon from The Vatican Cellars solo and acoustic:

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Withered Hand and the Vatican Cellars LIVE! At The Lounge, 25th September.

When Ben said that Withered Hand's first LP, "Good News" was the best album of 2009 I'll confess I raised an eyebrow, and possibly even two. But damn me if I haven't returned to it more than anything else from that year, and goodness knows I've liked it more every time. The LP is "streaming", as I believe the young people say, on his website: We (and Ben in particular) have been trying for some years now to persuade Dan Willson, Mr. Withered Hand, to come and play at the Lounge, and we're delighted that it's happening at last. Oh, apart from Ben, who'll be on holiday.

The Vatican Cellars are probably the closest we have to regular live guests at the Lounge: this must be their third or fourth time now. That really goes to show how much we like them: their delicate melancholy sets our Sundays off a treat.

This will be a tremendous show, and it's likely to be an early one, so don't sleep. At least, don't sleep too much.

Dates for your diaries - three live shows coming soon!

We'll be saying more about each of these nearer the time, but we have three of our exciting unamplified and totally free live show Sundays coming up, and our very strong advice to you is to get each of them in your diary - each one will be ACE! It feels a big naff to say it but we're genuinely quite proud of what we have coming up in the next few weeks. Look:

SEPTEMBER 25th: Withered Hand, and the Vatican Cellars!
OCTOBER 9th: Harvey Williams, Rachael Dadd, and Jack Cheshire!
OCTOBER 23rd: Pete Astor, Wesley Patrick Gonzalez, and Robert Rotifer!

So, more on each of these before long, but don't say we didn't warn you they were coming up.