Wednesday 23 December 2009

Happy Christmas, happy between-Christmas-and-New-Year

Here's hoping you have a tremendous Christmas, and there's hoping we see you at the Lounge this coming Sunday (27th) where we'll be recovering in our usual relaxed fashion, 2 'til 7.

Is there a name for the period between Christmas and New Year? The lack of an obvious one makes life very difficult for those of us who like to supply rubbishy puns or (failing that) alliterative names for the kind of events which might take place on the 27th of December. It's too bad. I'm off for a drink.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Name That Tune: Make This Young Lady Mine

“What’s that song that De La Soul sampled?”

That, thanks for asking, was Make This Young Lady Mine by The Mad Lads, whose striking guitar riff was sampled by De La Soul for Eye Know. At least one other DJ of this parish might prefer Steely Dan’s Peg, which was also sampled for Eye Know, but The Mad Lads’ 1968 Stax single is solid gold soul.

There’s no youtube stream of this song, but it’s on Impressed! 24 groups inspired by the legendary Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions, one of the very best Kent CD compilations. I’d urge anyone interested in classic soul to buy it.

Strictly speaking, The Mad Lads’ work up until about 1966 owed more to Mayfield’s legacy of group soul harmonisation than Make This Young Lady Mine does, and I expect Booker T, the song’s co-writer, might see the blend of gospel and pop-funk as very clearly stamped with his hallmark, but no matter; this is one of the unheralded greats of soul’s classic age.

Christmas Opening Hours

All reliable predictions are for a hangover on Sunday December 27. Worry not, as the Hangover Lounge will be open from 2pm offering a variety of tunes to salve the mind and soothe the soul.

There'll always be booze to drink and people to chat to, which years of dedicated research by our resident DJs proves works just fine.

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Clientele and Cavalcade live this Sunday - FREE!

Two great bands, one great relaxing club and no entrance fee. This Sunday, December 6, we're delighted to host one of our long-time favourites, The Clientele, and one of the UK's most exciting prospects, The Cavalcade.

We open our doors at 2pm for drinks and soothing tunes; the live music will start by 3pm.