Monday 7 February 2011

The First Lady Of Indiepop

This Sunday we're delighted to welcome back the first lady of indiepop Pam Berry (as celebrated in song by The Shins) once of Black Tambourine (as celebrated in song by Beck) and many other bands who will one day be celebrated in song because of their songs (apart from Bright Colored Lights, who were named after the Crash song).

Pam will be joined by Mr Pam Berry, aka Mike Jones, ace DJ in his own right. Every time they've DJed for us it's been something special, so come down.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

More films from Sunday

I'm not sure why Darren's set on Sunday appears to be the most filmed event in Hangover Lounge history (and possibly all of human history), but here are some more clips. These are courtesy of the excellent Paul from Scared To Dance. Thanks, Paul.

The Wu-Tang Clan:

Out Of My League: