Tuesday 28 August 2012

White Town and Making Marks free gig September 16

We're lucky to have White Town for the third time. The man himself is never hungover - the big-hearted fella comes all the way down from his East Midlands homestead to lay his healing hands on the hungover folk of London. We're delighted to have him back.

Fans will remember that at his revious Hangover Lounge gigs, Jyoti has had a guest chanteuse on Your Woman. First there was Elizabeth Morris, then there was Nat Johnson. This time round? Get your applications in now.

We're just as pleased to have Making Marks on the bill. Their debut 7", Ticket Machine, is out on the fine Fika label this autumn. It goes something like this: Making Marks - Ticket Machine by Fika Recordings

Just to prove how fine a label they are, Fika have issued a free MP3, Hard To Be Good.

The Lounge opens at 2pm. Live music starts at about 3pm.

Monday 20 August 2012

Darren Hayman DJ set, new album and free single

Phew! In order, then:

1. Darren Hayman will be DJing at the Hangover Lounge this Sunday, 26 August. Like dub reggae but prefer a pint of ale to a strawberry daiquiri? You're in luck. Darren will be "dropping" the dub sounds in the relaxing environs of The Lexington, away from the hurly burly of the Notting Hill Carnival.

2. Darren's excellent new instrumental album about open-air swimming pools, Lido, will be available to purchase on the day. The packaging of both the swimming-pool-blue vinyl and the CD are sights to behold. The music, too, is terrific.

3. There's a free single from Lido to dip your toes in right now:

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Coming Down in August

August: season of pissed and fruitful mellowness, yes it is.
Here's what we have coming around (again) this coming month.
AUGUST THE FIFTH: you already know about the Sir Mark Flunder-based shenanigans, at least you do if you have read the previous post on this blog. I won't insult you by repeating it, or by suggesting you are thinking about being elsewhere.
AUGUST THE TWELFTH: guest DJ slot from our friend Ian Watson, head honcho of beloved night out How Does It Feel To Be Loved. Bonzer times guaranteed.
AUGUST THE NINETEENTH: It's Steve's birthday! Expect bad bahaviour, and guest DJ slots from Ben Phillipson and *very likely some additional guest star DJs tba. I tried to count how many different bands I'd seen Ben play in just now, but I ran out of fingers and toes, and that's how I do my counting.
AUGUST THE TWENTY-SIXTH: Bank Holiday! Bank Holiday! We're still working on our Holiday offering to you but the sensible thing to do is to plan to come and mooch through the Sunday afternoon with us. You'll have the next day off, for goodness sake. We'll update you on plans soon.
Watch out! Back to school soon!