Thursday 26 November 2009

Time Out's Best Sunday Lunches

The Lexington earns its place as one of the best places to eat Sunday lunch in a Time Out feature.

They describe the Hangover Lounge as "a day-after session with soothing indie music and fortifying drinks", which is sort of right as most of the soul and reggae we play was issued on indies.

The Lexington's kitchen is currently closed - it'll re-open soon with similar American-themed food, only the prices will be lower - but in the meantime you can buy pizza from the excellent Basilico across the road and bring it in to the pub.

Thursday 12 November 2009

Gig times 15 November

Stage times are a little earlier than usual this Sunday, so get to the Lexington early for your free acoustic treats:

Birdie: 3.20 EDIT: just to be on the safe side, turn up at 3pm as times may be brought forward.

Peter and Jessica of the Would-Be-Goods: 3.45

Gregory Webster: 4.20

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Chickfactor Special featuring Would-Be-Goods and Gregory Webster and Birdie live

We're delighted to welcome back the Chickfactor ladies to the Hangover Lounge decks on November 15. Gregory Webster returns to the Lounge's live forum in support of his Promised Land single, a splendid 12-string trip through 1966 via the pop perfection of the Razorcuts' 1987 ep I Heard You The First Time. After much cajoling, browbeating and haranguing, we've managed to persuade The Would-Be-Goods to play live as well. I know that's enough, but just so you're really spoiled, Birdie have kindly agreed to grace the stage for the first time in years. Result! What are you waiting for? November 15, obviously.