Tuesday 30 November 2010

Would-Be-Goods + Louis Philippe + Vic Templar free gig this Sunday

We've got (brace yourselves) one el of an afternoon of free music this Sunday (December 5) starring a pared-down Would-Be-Goods featuring Jessica and Peter, and Louis Philippe, the latter of whom we are quite sure will not mind us mentioning that his latest opus, The Ocean Tango, is available on bandcamp.

Vic Templar - familiar to music fans for his drumming duties for The Dentists and collaborating with The Claim on the splendid Mike The Bike - will be reading from his latest book, Candy From A Dog.

Friday 12 November 2010

Star DJ turns this Sunday

Woodie Taylor, Morrissey's old drummer now keeping the teenage beat for Comet Gain, and ace producer of (deep breath) Shrag, Long Blondes, Veronnica Falls, Love Is All and Help Stamp Out Loneliness, will be DJing this Sunday (14 November).

John Stanley, aka DJ Downfall, aka the bassist out of Tender Trap, is also going to take a turn dropping the bomb (quietly, natch).