Friday 17 June 2011

Ghost Box DJs Sunday 26 June

We're delighted to welcome the fine folk from the Ghost Box label - specialists in esoteric electronics, library lounge, sunken treaures from television soundtracks and folk curios - who'll be bringing all manner of unheralded treats for an afternoon of haunting ambience on Sunday 26 June.

Wednesday 15 June 2011

More Video Goodies

Anyone with any sense will be out tonight watching Louis Philippe charming the pants off the Betsey, but for those of you with a good excuse (like, I dunno, you live on a different continent, or somesuch) here are some video treats from Sunday's glorious show(s):

UP FIRST: Mr Wright

NEXT: Amor de Dias:

If that's not enough for you, here's that same Amor de Dias song, as filmed and shared by friend of the Lounge, String Bean Jen, this time a little louder and in appropriately moody black and white:

Aren't you glad you were there? Or, don't you wish you'd been there?

Also, this may be my opportunity to recommend the novel Little Apple by the marvellous Leo Perutz - I reckon its title pops up in AdD's song.

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Louis Philippe live

Louis Philippe, who turned in a wonderful set at the Lounge on Sunday (no one will ever forget Louis' rendering of I Just Wasn't Made For These Times), take their pop classicism to the Betsey Trotwood tomorrow, June 15.

This is a change of venue to previously advertised, and it's a smaller capacity, so try to book in advance.

A reminder for those who were there on Sunday, and a temptation to those who weren't to go on Wednesday, how especially intimate and uplifting the Louis Philippe live experience is:

Monday 6 June 2011

Amor de Dias, Louis Philippe and Mr Wright free gig 12 June

Amor de Dias, who are currently touring their excellent Street of the Love of Days album in America, return to the UK this week to launch that opus at the Hangover Lounge on Sunday June 12.

Louis Philippe - whose live band numbers the Dias's Alasdair MacLean on guitar and backing vocals - is gracing the stage (if you haven't already, check out his latest record The Ocean Tango) and further support comes from another fine El alumnus, Mr Wright.

The Lounge opens its doors at 2pm. The first band is on at 3pm. It's free. We'll see you there.