Tuesday 4 November 2014

Amor de Dias, Leaf Library and Hacia Dos Veranos live November 22

3 (THREE!) of our favourite bands are playing at The End festival on Saturday November 22:

Amor de Dias
We released their first record, New Wine, on our first record, but they haven't let that get in the way of making 2 excellent albums for Merge and global success. Last year's House At Sea saw traditional Spanish guitars meet English folk’s flintiness for cultured, poetic splendour.

Leaf Library
They don't release records often enough which made The Greater Good even, er, greater and gooder and more special. Fans of The Free Design, David Axelrod and Stereolab stop what you're doing and play this:

Hacia Dos Veranos
There are no words. Literally. They play instrumental music with Forever Changes-style melodic power and Michael Head psychedelic mystery. These are direct pop songs with South American rhythms and the weirdness of English folk music.

Venue: Hornsey Parish Church Hall, N10 3AH
Doors: 4,45pm
Tickets: £15

Full line up
Amor de Dias:
Leaf Library
Hacia Dos Veranos
Evelinn Trouble
Forced Random

First band on at 5.45pm. Hangover Lounge DJs between acts and the after the bands from 10.30pm.