Tuesday 7 April 2015

Grant McLennan tribute gig May 3 2015

We're marking the life and music of Grant McLennan, a songwriter closer to our hearts than most, by getting some of Grant's friends and fans to play at the fifth annual tribute gig on Sunday May 3.

David Westlake is playing because he has to and because we want him to. You do, too. The Popguns impressed our John by covering Head Full Of Steam last year, so we immediately cajoled them into practising some McLennan numbers. Fortunately, they didn't need any persuasion. Bill Botting of Allo Darlin' - you remember Elizabeth Morris' warm, touching set 2 years ago - is playing, and I'll be very surprised if some of his equally talented pals don't join him in tribute.

The music starts at 3pm. You'll likely find a jazz band playing downstairs. Get your drinks and move on upstairs where the good stuff is happening. The bands finish by 5pm, at which point we'll man the decks until 9pm.

Entrance is free, kids are welcome. It's at the Lexington.

What's that? You want a special guest? We're working on it, trust me. These things take time. In the meantime, a reminder of a very special guest: