Monday 30 July 2012

The McTells live on Sunday 5 August

The legendary McTells are playing at the Lexington this Sunday, 5 August. This is in all likelihood their last ever gig. You'd be mad to miss it. TICKETS A MERE FIVE POUNDS.

The McTells' Sir Mark Flunder makes the gig a triple whammy as he's also playing with Cee Bee Beaumont and The Fenestration (featuring Gina Davidson of The Marine Girls, no less).

Doors open at 7pm. The Hangover Lounge starts downstairs as usual at 2pm with soothing sounds and pre-gig drinking, dining and mingling opportunities.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Coming Down in July - Update special

I told you I'd be back to finish off the "coming up in June" post, and here I am. Here's what we'll be doing for the rest of the month:

JULY 22: it's Helen McCookerybook and Let's Wrestle doing one of our afternoon unamplified shows. Time Out says one or the other of them will be "amping up the volume" or somesuch: not if we can help it they won't.

(JULY 28: Quick reminder of the Saturday lunchtime Daylight Music / WIAIWYA / ITTPTC fandango. It's going to be amazing, yes it is.)

JULY 29: to coincide with the start of some sporting event down the road, but in no way connected with same, we'll be rocking out a selection of board games for the afternoon, and we'll be joined on the decks by our chum and yours Rob Brennan.

And that, my dears, takes us up to the end of July. Back for one of these relating to August before long. I can tell you're excited.

[edit yes yes July I meant July. You knew that.]

Saturday 7 July 2012


The Wimbledon men's final will be shown at the Lexington tomorrow. And you can bet we'll be playing Petition by Tennis. Not because of any theme, but because it's one of the year's best singles.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Coming Up in July

Yeah yeah I know I've already missed one Hangover Lounge in July but the month played a dirty trick on my by springing a Sunday on the first of the month, and whats more it was a first of the month when we had a show on which had its own blog post so you already knew about that anyway. So just leave it out, alright?

It's July! It's summertime! It's time to rock out all those records about the sunshine and stuff! We have things happening. And here's what those things are:

July 8th: we have a pair of guest DJs on the 8th, one is our old friend Rob "Robster" Brennan, who's DJed for us lots of times and who we always ask back because he always ace and we love having him around. We'll also be joined by the marvellous ROZI PLAIN! We love Rozi enough to have been proud to include one of her songs on a Hangover Lounge EP but we've never heard her play records. But we reckon she'll bring her exquisite taste to bear, and she'll be great. She has a new LP coming out, which we haven't heard yet, but we're dead excited about it.

(It's not a Hangover Lounge, but if you miss the opportunity to see Go Sailor, GoldBears and The Pines play live upstairs at the Lexington on the night of Tuesday 10th you're crazier than you look.)

July 15th: Harvey Williams doesn't have a new LP coming out, more's the pity, but that doesn't mean we're not excited that he's coming to play a guest DJ set. Was Harvey the very first Hangover Lounge guest DJ? That is lost to history and our frankly flaky record-keeping, but he always plays effing brilliant records, and he's a proper chap too.

July 22nd: live music! With people playing live instruments and singing live and unamplified upstairs! Excellent. If you're reading the blog the details are down below. If you're using some fancy reader apparatus or somesuch then the details are here.  In short: the legendary Helen McCookerybook from The Chefs and Helen and the Horns and Helen McCookerybook! I saw her on Pebble Mill at One once, when I was off sick from school. And - AND - Let's Wrestle doing their thing in an acoustical way. This is going to rule.

(On Saturday 29th we'll be down at the Union Chapel at lunchtime: WIAIWYA's hosting one of those Saturday lunchtime Daylight Music events, this one to celebrate the release of his amazing It's The Taking Part That Counts release, and featuring Pete Astor, Hong Kong in the 60s and The Leaf Library. We'll be in the bar. I'm not being rude - that's where the music will be happening.)

July 29th: well, hasn't July just flown by? The bad news is I'm going to have to tell you that July 29th is TBC - we're just waiting on a confirmation from a guest DJ, and we'll update you as soon as we know for sure. Also look out for August 5th when we have a loud evening show with ampifiers and everything, by way of celebrating Sir Mark Flunder's birthday. He doesn't look a day older than when we first met him, you'd never believe he was about to turn 21. More of all that soon.