Thursday 2 May 2013

Love Goes On! And on

What your favourite Grant McLennan song?
"I really like 'Love Goes On'. There's nine chords in a row, which he doesn't repeat. It's so him. A lot of his best songs are on '16 Lovers Lane'. And 'Cattle & Cane' is a really good song. It was like 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' or something — a quantum leap, a break-through song."
Robert Forster

This Sunday, at least two of our guests for our third annual Grant McLennan tribute gig will be covering Love Goes On!

As a taster, here's The Go-Betweens playing it at an acoustic gig at Tower Records on 25 August 1994.

And here again they're playing it at McCabe's guitar shop on 11 November 1988

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