Friday 24 May 2013

Five reasons to come to our birthday party on Sunday part 4: FREE MUSIC!

Goodness knows the last thing we expect people to come to the Hangover Lounge on a Sunday for is for a live-action display of the exquisite taste in music of the regular DJs. Sure, the tunes are good but we're not going on about it.

Every now and again, though, we burn a bunch of favourites onto CD, and hand it out to anyone who wants one. Funnily enough, its something which we've wound up hearing more about than the various other bits of tomfoolery we've come up with. People seem to find songs they like on there. There's a thing, eh?

We'll be giving another comp, freshly burned and ready to rip - gently - on Sunday. The track listing is a secret. But it'll be bloody good. Come and ask for one at the DJ booth. We're not doing very many, and when it's gone it's gone. Even if you get there too late for a freebie CD there'll still be a ton of good music, not least the proper actual, amplified show upstairs in the evening featuring - you know this already, right?  - Amor De Dias, Birdie and Hacia Dos Veranos. Tickets still available!

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