Thursday 23 May 2013

Five Reasons to come to our birthday party on Sunday Part 3: SPECIAL BEER SPECIAL!

Sometimes, you know, that perfect combination of music and beer hits the spot in a way that nothing else can. It's the very rock* upon which The Hangover Lounge is built. And in honour of that magical combination we have got together with our chums at Hackney's hot new brewery, 5 Points, to generate a Hangover Lounge Birthday Beer! It's based on their lovely Red Rye ale and, better still, it will be available at a special reduced price at The Lexington on Sunday in celebration of our birthday. Something special to rest on your celebratory beermat.

The way Sunday will work, in case you were wondering, will be as a normal Hangover Lounge downstairs through Sunday afternoon, and then the live acts will be playing, amplified and breathtaking, upstairs in the evening. The evening show's a paying gig, and you can buy your tickets by clicking here.

*Yes yes we're busily opposing all rock and roll, of course we are.

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