Saturday 25 May 2013

Five Reasons to come to our birthday party on Sunday part FIVE!

OK, just to re-cap:

1. Free handprinted Hangover Lounge Beermats
2. Free hangover Lounge fanzine featuring contributions from: Berry, Pam; Hayman, Darren; Latham, Charles, Hand, Withered; US.
3. Special awesome Five Points Hangover Lounge birthday beer at a special price
4. Free giveaway HL favourite tunes CD

Not bad, right? RIGHT? Right.

Now, the fifth and best reason is that the show will really be particularly amazing. Sorry to go on about this, but :

 - Hacia Dos Veranos: a rare appearance and also some special guests (you may or may not know who they are but you should know by now that our special guests are worth looking out for)
 - Birdie: if HDV are making a rare appearance, this is like finding yourself face to face with a red-rumped swallow somewhere north of the Wash. Twitcher friends, this is worth turning out for.
 - Amor de Dias: we released their first recording, we love them beyond all reason, and we are very proud to be hosting their first ever full-band show. There's no guarantee you'll see such a thing happening again and I promise it'll be a thrill.

Still a few tickets left for this one, you'll be sorry to miss it.

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