Thursday 14 April 2011

White Town and Rozi Plain exclusive tracks and free gig

White Town and Rozi Plain, stars of the second Hangover Lounge ep, are playing a free gig at the Lexington this Sunday afternoon. Get there in good time, because Nat Johnson & the Figureheads are first on the bill at 2.30pm sharp with their own acoustic offering.

Have a preview - and marvel at their wonder - of the White Town and Rozi Plain ep tracks:
White Town - Cut Out My Heart by wiaiwya
Rozi Plain - When Are You Coming? COME ON! by wiaiwya

the Second Hangover Lounge ep (incl P&P)

The handsome 6-track 10" ep will be available at the gig on Sunday and at some shops for Record Store Day on Saturday.

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