Wednesday 13 April 2011

Pam Berry's first solo release out now

Pam Berry's debut solo recording is out now on the second Hangover Lounge ep. She tells us all about it:

What made you dip your toes in the solo waters at this stage in your 22-year showbusiness career?
I believe it was the suggestion by Ben of your Hangover Lounge parish that I should contribute an a capella song for HLEP2, which seemed easy enough for Mike to record at home on the 16-track. By the time I came to my senses, everybody I could rope in to lend instrumentation was away on holiday, my own guitar was broken and there was no going back.

Why did you choose to cover Love's Wonder People (I Do Wonder)?
Wonder People (I Do Wonder) has always been one of my fave Love songs, and though I’ve always thought it’s a bit crazy to cover songs that are already so damn great, in my head I could hear this one sounding very different to the original. In my head I heard the cover sounding very different to my finished song as well, what can you do? There were a heap of other contenders – the tunes of Andy Williams, various awesome soulful girlgroup crooners, old-school Bacharach songs, lady torch and country singers aplenty. In the end I couldn’t bear the thought of those songs without guitar and percussion action to go with.

Will there be more a cappella songs from you?
After that handwritten cease and desist order sent straight from the grave by Arthur Lee, probably not.

What's next, then?
In a month or so my friend Bart is going to send along some more of his songs for me to sing on for another Bart +Friends EP. I’ve got nada else musical going on right now, and plan to fill the long days of summer with BBQs, crafting, beachy day trips, hangover lounge lazing about and backyard uke+cake parties with my gals.

Pam Berry - Wonder People (I Do Wonder) by wiaiwya

To buy this ep

the Second Hangover Lounge ep (incl P&P)

OR come to the launch gig this Sunday, April 17, featuring live sets from White Town, Rozi Plain and Nat Johnson, where you can pick up this dashing 6-track 10" ep for a fiver.

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