Wednesday 12 August 2015

The next four weeks in full

So! Four more Hangover Lounges until we leave the Lexington for pastures new. Gotta catch 'em all. Or at least some - please come along at some point to say cheerio for now and help us celebrate the end of an era.

Over the next month or so we'll be posting up some reflections and some thanks from the last six years.

Here are the details.

Sunday August 16th: the final Stolen Wine at the Hangover Lounge at the Lexington, though all being well not the last Stolen Wine at the Hangover Lounge because we're a TEAM now:

Sunday August 23rd: guest DJ Alan Hake, an old friend of ours who has excellent stories to tell about Creation Records, amongst other things:

Sunday August 30th: Tim's last Lexington bow, he* can't be with us on the 6th, so it's time for the Lexington to hear that Rita Lee record with the duck noises in one last time. Maybe two last times. 

Sunday September 6th: this is it, and we're going out in style with the last installment in our Gare du Nord residency, which has been pretty effing stellar so far. This one promises to be just as amazing and we wouldn't want that to be missed in the kerfuffle of our departure.

It's a ridiculously strong bill: if you know the Hangover Lounge you surely know about Rotifer and the Left Outsides: they are both long-term friends and comrades of ours, as well as being brilliant in their own right. They are joined for this show by a genuine enigmatic legend, John Howard. Just in case you're uninitiated, here's a taste of John's work:

And that's that, for a bit.

 The rest is noise.

*If you're reading carefully you'll probably be able to see that "he" is actually writing this, so that's a bit weird, but you get the idea.


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