Thursday 3 April 2014

Grant McLennan tribute gig 4 May 2014

It's that time of year when we celebrate the work of one of our best-loved songwriters ever, Grant McLennan. Our fourth annual Grant McLennan gig stars David Westlake again, because it wouldn't be the same without him (you should listen to his radio session backed by Robert Forster, Amanda Brown and Robert Vickers). And you should know that The Servants' excellent Small Time/Hey Hey We're The Manques! is now on vinyl.

We're equally delighted to welcome Heathers from Los Angeles, one of our favourite bands to debut last year. Of course they're Go-Betweens fans. Why would they not be. Here, listen to the rough and tumble jangle of their new single:

There's a very special guest joining us. Don't ask us who, because we're not telling. Last year Robert Forster dropped in, fought the jetlag and played a couple of songs. You remember:

We open our doors at 2pm. The gig's free and starts at 3pm. You should stick around afterwards and go to the Odd Box gig in the evening. Why not? It's a bank holiday the next day. Why? 4 ace bands, that's why:

Kid Canaveral
One Happy Island
Night Flowers


  1. Special mystery guest? Hmmm. My first thought was these guys, but the calendar tells me they're in Mexico that day.

  2. Not Franz Ferdinand, but I'd love them to do something one year. Let's see.

  3. Don't suppose you've heard owt about this Go-Betweens box set that's coming out on Domino.

    Who was the special guest, by the way?

  4. Oh, yes, that rings a bell. I'd dismissed it as ludicrous given the comprehensive Lo-Max double CD issues and there aren't any more unreleased or rare songs to mine. Luke Haines was the guest.

  5. Any chance any of these posters are available to purchase?

  6. There were never any McLennan posters. We've got some Hangover Lounge club posters, but that's all.