Thursday 4 April 2013

Coming Down In April

I know, I know, it's cold. Every last stupid joke it's possible to make about unseasonal weather has been made. What's that fiery ball in the sky? HAHAHA. I am writing this with cold fingers and cold toes in the full expectation that by the end of this stupid month we will be wearing t-shirts and flip flops and looking forward to a glorious summer of sunny and nice, but not such sunny and nice that it seems like a better idea to go to the park than come to the Hangover Lounge. Is that too much to ask?

It's April and we have got an EXCELLENT month lined up for YOU. Here's how it's looking: 

SUNDAY APRIL THE SEVENTH: we are delighted to welcome our good friend Amos, formerly of the band Fanfarlo, amongst other good things, as guest DJ. He's got amazing taste and an amazing record collection, but we have no idea what he'll play. Just the way we like it. 

SUNDAY APRIL THE FOURTEENTH: we've already told you about that, down there. We have a live and acoustic and free show upstairs featuring our friends Rotifer, Owl & Mouse and Ralegh Long. You know its going to be a good one.

SUNDAY APRIL THE TWENTY-FIRST. This one, too, will be a bit special! For starters there's regular guest DJ Mike Harrison from "You Set The Scene", a York thing which we like to think of as a sister club. But additionally we have something special upstairs, courtesy of In The Dark Radio, who are also kindred spirits, we reckon. Here's what they have to say: 

"On Sunday 21st April In The Dark brings their pop-up cinema of sound to the Hangover Lounge. 

Described by The Londonist as "the next big thing in nights out", In The Dark bring together the best creative radio, podcasts and sound art from around the world and tailors them into specially curated programmes for live audiences. It's a bit like a film club ... but without the pictures. 

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday - you can even close your eyes if you want to!

In The Dark is a collaborative project between radio producers, podcasters and sound artists. They aim to create a mini-revolution in the way we think about the art of spoken-word radio by lifting it out of its traditional settings and curating it in new and unusual ways. You can find out more about them at"

We've never hosted anything like this before and we're rather excited. Some of the In The Dark folks will be doing the guest DJ thing also. We think they are GREAT.

SUNDAY APRIL THE TWENTY EIGHTH: It'll be a lovely day for sure, and we are THIS CLOSE to having a guest DJ lined up, but not quite. We'll let you know once we do. Oh, there'll be a jumble sale upstairs that day, so bring your shopping bags. 

While you're here. don't forget to put our two big May events in your effing filofax, or whatever it is you youngsters use these days: our third Annual Grant Mclennan tribute day, with a hefty handful of heroes playing live, plus OUR FIFTH BIRTHDAY PARTY on the 26th, with a proper show and a load of giveaways and stuff. It's all on the blog, you know. This blog.

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