Monday 18 March 2013

Extras! Extras! Read all about it

You can be part of a motion picture this Sunday, 24 March,as a few scenes for a short film, Final Beats, will be filmed upstairs at the Lexington.

Director Mark Minors says:
The scenes we'll be shooting take place in a nightclub. Sammy has taken Vivienne out dancing, so the extras we're after will make up the crowd in the club, and possibly one or two bar staff. People's initial reaction to seeing Vivienne in the nightclub is one of disbelief, but they soon warm to her as she begins to enjoy herself.

We need extras from 3pm-9pm on the day; anyone 18+ is welcome - just point them at the facebook page and join the event to confirm.

The finished film will be submitted to various national festivals, and all extras will be credited accordingly

Here's a synopsis of the film:
Final Beats is a feel-good drama about the criminal youngster Sammy, who's just been released from prison for a violence crime. He is 22 years old and has absolutely nothing to come out to.

On the other side of the story we have an old lady, Vivienne. She is so depressed about spending her seventy-third birthday alone that she puts a contact ad in a newspaper where she tells the world she doesn ́t have any friends nor family left, but that she ́s willing to pay the one that wants to accompany her on her birthday.

By coincidence, Sammy sees the ad and at first he thinks of it as a good opportunity to rob the old woman of her money. But as he gets to Vivienne ́s apartment he realises that they both share the same miserable situation in life. Two totally different worlds collide when Sammy and Vivienne starts forming a bond and make up a bucket list together to take them out of their loneliness. A heartwarming adventure begins as they swirl out in London ́s exciting nightlife for some final beats.


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