Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Lost Weekend 2013

The Lost Weekend - two days of free gigs and indulging in sensual pleasures - is back on February 16 and 17.

Starting at 12pm on Saturday February 16 at the Union Chapel, we bring you an exclusive Withered Hand performance featuring the first lady of indiepop, Miss Pam Berry. This is their first gig together and it's going to be a belter.

Hacia Dos Veranos are launching their third album Limay ("they play many, many beautiful chords and for that I love them," says no less an authority than The Clientele's Alasdair Maclean). This will be a full-on electric set featuring psychedelic madness crashing into pop music's rich majesty. Forever Changes meets Bryter Layter, if you will.

The Understudies have kindly agreed to polish their brogues, press their waistcoats and bring their infectious mix of girl group hooks and Smiths-style grainy grandeur. Their wonderful video for Erika K tells you what to expect:

The Union Chapel gig finishes by 2.30pm, at which time we'll be going to the pub. See off your hangover in style on Sunday February 17 at the Lexington, where the Hangover Lounge starts at 2pm.

The live music starts upstairs at 3pm sharp.

First up is Flowers, formed out of the ashes of the far-too-short-lived The Notes. Want some reference points? OK. How about if The Sundays broke up a fight between The Cocteau Twins and The Mary Chain? Listen to this:

Saturday stage times: 12pm Understudies; 12.40 Hacia Dos Veranos; 1.20 Withered Hand

Hacia Dos Veranos are back, this time for a beguiling trip through the acoustic byways of Limay, featuring added violin. Did we mention that you can buy Limay now? No? Well you can.

Ladies and gentleman, the legend that is Mr Stuart Moxham! Yes, you heard right. Stuart will be playing with Derek Halliday as Moxham & Halliday, splitting a 45- minute set about 60% solo and 40% M&H.

Sunday stage times: 3pm Flowers; 3.40pm Hacia Dos Veranos; 4.20pm Moxham & Halliday

No, you can't buy tickets. YES, BOTH OF THESE GIGS ARE FREE.