Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like GREAT STUFF TO BUY

Christmas presents, you say? All sorted? No? NO??

Here are some ideas for you.

1) Buy the beloved who has everything a copy of the new CHICKFACTOR. It's great, and the chance to buy a brand new Chickfactor after all these years shouldn't be missed. What's more the excellent Gaylord Fields has written this about the third Hangover Lounge EP:

"various artists: the third hangover lounge EP (hangover lounge)

if you live in or near london and you don't frequent the hangover lounge at the lexington on any given sunday, i hate you. even if you do, i still hate you, for a different reason, that being that I don't live anywhere near london. my emnity fades when I'm playing the six acoustic-insistent songs by artists who have graced that stage. the honor roll for hangover lounge compilation number three comprises standard fare (six strings and gentle persuasion); nat johnson and the figurines (catty and country pretty); would-be-goods (sultry and supper-club soulful); rachael dadd (heart-massaging folkiness without a grain of corn; louis philippe (domesticating a pet sounds classic; and fox (courting you slowly, like a good swain should). upon further listening, I've changed my mind. i love you all."

Thanks, Gaylord! We love you too.  

2) Buy yourself a copy of HLEP3, as reviewed above by Gaylord Fields. We still have some of these left and they are bleddy brilliant, honest. HLEP1 has gone now, I'm afraid, and we are having trouble finding the few copies of HLEP2 which we thought we had left. So grab HLEP3 while you can. To you, a fiver.

3) If you or your loved one is desperate for copies of HLEPs 1 & 2 then we still have a small handful of the HANGOVER LOUNGE: THE THREE EPs box sets available. I can see them from where I'm sitting. There are four of them. £20 and worth every handprinted penny.