Sunday, 9 December 2012

HL004: Black Tambourine / Owl & Mouse 7" picture disc - and it's free!

Since it's now been on real actual 6Music, it's probably time to tell you - wth some pride - about Hangover Lounge Records HL004, due out in January. It's a split single featuring Black Tambourine and Owl & Mouse, and it's free!

Hangover Lounge Records HL004: 
Black Tambourine: I Want You Around (DJ Downfall Redub)
Owl & Mouse: Canvas Bags

It's not just a split single, not just our first 7" release, it's also the Hangover Lounge's first picture disc record - and it's not for sale. We've made this to the highest production values we can come up with, and we are giving it away. We think it's brilliant. 

Just in case you weren't sure, the Hangover Lounge happens every Sunday afternoon at The Lexington on London's attractive Pentonville Road, and anyone who wants a copy of the record just has to come along - it's free to get in - and ask for a copy. 

It seemed like a good idea.

One side - we have massively influential US indie legends Black Tambourine covering the much-loved Ramones classic "I Want You Around" (from BT's recent OneTwoThreeFour" double EP of Ramones covers) dubbed into submission by our good friend DJ Downfall. It's the first official remix of a Black Tambourine track ever, and we are very happy to have commissioned it, and proud to be releasing it. 

Other side - hot off the press we are delighted to present the first vinyl release by the excellent Owl &Mouse. If you pay attention to the Hangover Lounge then you know all about them, but they are attracting a lot of attention in the wider world at the moment, and it's well deserved. "Canvas Bags" was produced by Darren Hayman and sounds like a million dreamy bucks. 

We're having a launch party on January 6th at The Lexington, with a handful of live-and-unamplified bands including Owl & Mouse playing upstairs, and the legendary Pam Berry from Black Tambourine DJing downstairs. The record will be available for nothing that day, and every Sunday after that until copies run out. You just have to come to the DJ booth and ask for a copy. That's it.

Steve Lamacq played "Canvas Bags" on Friday, and you can hear it after 11 minutes or so here.  It sounds fab on the radio!

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  1. Hello,
    I already sent message via another link... But perhaps you did not recieve it. I am a 7" picture disc collector for more than 35 years, but I live in Belgium. So, it is impossible for me to come to The Lexington to pick a free copy of this record. I really wish to obtain 1 copy of it for my collection (I also organise exhibitions + publish books). I am of course ready to pay for shipping to Belgium and for the record.
    Thanks in advance for your help!