Sunday, 30 December 2012

Free picture disc launch gig, January 6

This Sunday we're giving away a picture disc. On one side there's the massively influential US indie legends Black Tambourine covering the much-loved Ramones classic "I Want You Around" (from BT's recent OneTwoThreeFour" double EP of Ramones covers) dubbed into submission by our good friend DJ Downfall. It's the first official remix of a Black Tambourine track ever, and we are very happy to have commissioned it, and proud to be releasing it.

On the other side we're delighted to present the first vinyl release by the excellent Owl & Mouse. If you pay attention to the Hangover Lounge then you know all about them, but they are attracting a lot of attention in the wider world at the moment, and it's well deserved. "Canvas Bags" was produced by Darren Hayman and sounds like a million dreamy bucks.

To mark the Hangover Lounge's first 7", we've got Pam Berry of Black Tambourine DJing and we've got Owl & Mouse playing a free gig.

Not just that, but there's also Enderby's Room, a project of Dan Mayfield who you may have noticed playing with Darren Hayman at Hangover Lounges in the past, playing a rare gig and Yushimi, who share some personnel and some style with our Argentine heroes and muses Hacia dos Veranos.

To whet your appetite, have a gander at Yushimi's I got trapped in a waiting room with my head against a Turner. The song is every bit as intriguing and seductive as the title suggests.

We open our doors at 2pm. The live music starts at 3pm sharp. See you there.

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