Thursday, 20 December 2012

Coming Down in January

New Year, new danger, same old hangover. We're all going to be feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. We have therefore done what we can to line up a dirty great humdinger of a January for you. YOU! Isn't that nice?

JANUARY 6th: LAUNCH PARTY! LAUNCH PARTY! We'll be launching our giveaway picture disc, which I told you all about in the post-before-last in this blog. Come along and ask for a copy of the record, featuring Black Tambourine in dub AND newly minted stars of 6Music Owl & Mouse. Guest DJ set from none other than Pam Berry herself, AND AND AND live music upstairs featuring the aforementioned Owl & Mouse, plus rare sets from Enderby's Room, a project of Dan Mayfield who you may have noticed paying with Darren Hayman when Darren played with us PLUS PLUS PLUS Yushimi, who share some personnel and some style with our Argentine heroes and muses Hacia dos Veranos. We're going to be going on a lot more about HdV over the next month or two so watch out. This is going to be a very special day!

JANUARY 13th: we'll be enjoying a guest DJ set from our chum (and yours) sound man and sound man Mike Winship. Mike always plays a blinder.

JANUARY 20th: very special preview of the new show by legend of indie (TM) MJ HIBBETT (featuring Carsmile Steve, lest we forget), called TOTAL HERO TEAM. We don't know what to expect, except fun.

JANUARY 27th: we're delighted to welcome gentleman, connoisseur, journalist and all-round good guy Pete Paphides for a guest dj set. He's ace and we're stoked.

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