Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Coming Down In (what's left of) December

I know, I know, I'm supposed to o this before the month starts, but I was DRUNK and so were you, most likely. I hope so. Here's what we have coming along for your delectation for the rest of this month.

DECEMBER THE SIXTEENTH: double header on the guests today: you can enjoy the sweet sounds selected by David Arnold, who has taken on guitar duties with mod pop heroes THE CLAIM and THE JASMINE MINKS amongst others. Not only that but HEY! Remember the glory days of Track and Field? Ben sitting in the main bar of the Betsey sinking bottles of wine, while all around the KIDS of various ages were getting on with the kind of upstairs downstairs we can get behind? Yes? No? It doesn't really matter because Paul from T&F will be playing records with us and it will be GREAT. Not only that but he will be giving out a limited number of his legendary Xmas CDs to early arrivers. That is to ay, people who arrive soon after he arrives. When will he arrive? Who knows? It's a giant puzzle, like the Guardian giant cryptic crossword but sounding better.

DECEMBER THE TWENTY THIRD: admit to yourself that you're going to be buying some last minute Xmas presents, and then admit to yourself that once you're done with all that you fancy kicking back with some booze and hanging out with us. Mike Andrews used to run one of our favourite ever record shops and has developed an exquisite taste in music, which he will be sharing to ease your path to pre-Xmas relaxation. Mmmmm.

DECEMBER THE THIRTIETH: we'll be getting into practice for the big one the night after with the perennial treat of Harvey Williams playing records from his meticulously-assembled collection. It's likely to be smooooth and we are looking forward to it enormously. We love HArvey and we love his DJ sets.

See you there, then, then.

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