Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lost Weekend 24 and 25 January

Mark 24 and 25 January as red letter days in your 2015 calendar because the Lost Weekend is back and it’s star-studded.

On Saturday 24 January at the Union Chapel, Darren Hayman is launching his new album, Chants for Socialists, a powerful new collection of songs based on William Morris's writing featuring a choir of left-leaning locals. The music will please anyone who’s ever thought, correctly, ‘early 70s Kinks were rather good’.

The Papas and the Mamas
These mamas are Sarah Cracknell and Debsey Wykes. The papas are Martin and Paul Kelly. You know them as, variously, members of Saint Etienne, Dolly Mixture and East Village.

These two sets of parents will be playing some Mamas & The Papas songs as well as songs by their older bands (I *think* this means East Village songs; I certainly suggested to them it does and even prepared a set list they could use). This is their debut gig as The Papas & The Mamas. We are, understandably, very excited.

The Catenary Wires were formed in 2014 when Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Tender Trap) moved out of London.

They started playing songs on their daughter's 3/4 size acoustic guitar, and are still refusing to give it back.

The Catenary Wires function as a simple two-piece, but will often feature guest musicians when playing live. Their first ever show was on 3 May 2014 at the Arnolfini in Bristol. Their songs are quiet and (mostly) sad.

The Union Chapel opens at 12pm. It’s free, but please donate at the door as all money goes to the bands and running the venue. All money from cafe sales goes to the Margins Homelessness Project based at Union Chapel so do enjoy a coffee and cake.

The Union Chapel gig finishes by 2.30pm, at which time we'll be going to the pub. See off your hangover in style the following day, Sunday 25 January, at the Lexington, where the live music starts upstairs at 3pm sharp, featuring:

eagleowl are "a lethargic pop band from Edinburgh" who've averaged one release a year over the past 6 years, each one exquisite and just-so. Of course it's a pared-down version of the band playing acoustically. It will be low-key but not lo-fi.

Their music is slow and sad like Low. It's sepulchral and bewitching like Galaxie 500 and it's rich and earthy like Alasdair Roberts. You need to see this gig.

Rozi Plain, Bristolian folk chanteuse whose spectral shanties have graced the Hangover Lounge's decks (many times) and our stage (not enough times), returns. We are, naturally, delighted.

Recent single Jogalong showed Rozi at a career high - a dusty folk groove warmed by a distant heat -that suggests her third album will be her best. We look forward to hearing her new songs.

Robert Rotifer is a Robert Wyatt- and Edwyn Collins-endorsed, Frankfurt Kitchen-loving, Canvey Island-referencing, Austrian-born songwriter. Robert spent most of his musical 2014 moonlighting as a guitarist on albums by Alex Highton and Papernut Cambridge, as well as writing and recording with seventies legend John Howard and plotting the next album of his own band, due out in 2015. The Hangover Lounge gig is the perfect opportunity to introduce some of his new material.

Jazz warning
The bands we have playing are upstairs at the Lexington, and start at 3pm - the Lexington have a live jazz band (the Acoustic Nomads) playing downstairs in the bar from 2-5, so don't be surprised when you come in - it's not Robert Rotifer's new direction, and you are in the right place.

We’ll be DJing downstairs from 5pm where our usual rule apply (keep it quiet, play music to heal hurting heads, your new favourite tunes), so stay a while and chat with your chums.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Amor de Dias, Leaf Library and Hacia Dos Veranos live November 22

3 (THREE!) of our favourite bands are playing at The End festival on Saturday November 22:

Amor de Dias
We released their first record, New Wine, on our first record, but they haven't let that get in the way of making 2 excellent albums for Merge and global success. Last year's House At Sea saw traditional Spanish guitars meet English folk’s flintiness for cultured, poetic splendour.

Leaf Library
They don't release records often enough which made The Greater Good even, er, greater and gooder and more special. Fans of The Free Design, David Axelrod and Stereolab stop what you're doing and play this:

Hacia Dos Veranos
There are no words. Literally. They play instrumental music with Forever Changes-style melodic power and Michael Head psychedelic mystery. These are direct pop songs with South American rhythms and the weirdness of English folk music.

Venue: Hornsey Parish Church Hall, N10 3AH
Doors: 4,45pm
Tickets: £15

Full line up
Amor de Dias:
Leaf Library
Hacia Dos Veranos
Evelinn Trouble
Forced Random

First band on at 5.45pm. Hangover Lounge DJs between acts and the after the bands from 10.30pm.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Nat Johnson album launch gig November 16

Nat Johnson's new album Neighbour of the Year is out on Monday November 17. So let's have a launch gig for it - available on a choice of clear 10″ vinyl or CD - the day before. It is, as you'd hope, haunting, pastoral and broken-hearted.

Emma Kupa is playing as well. You will, like we do, hold all of Emma's musical enterprises - Standard Fare, Without Feathers, Mammoth Penguins - dear to your heart. This time it's Emma "plus extras". No idea who those extras are, but we're certain it will be special.

Completing the independence for Yorkshire theme is newcomer Luke Saxton. He's got an album coming out on Bad Paintings, the label run by a Hangover Lounge guest DJ of many Sundays. Luke's obsessed with the Beach Boys and Harry Nilsson, so it would be remiss of us not to host his talents.

The gig starts at 3pm. It's free to get in. We start at 2pm, roast dinners are available and kids are welcome. See you there

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Loft free gig October 5

Ocotber 5 marks 30 years since The Loft released Why Does The Rain, 50 years since Pretty Woman was number one and 70 years since Bruce Forsyth got his bus pass. We're celebrating the first of those milestones with a free acoustic gig by The Loft.

And that's not all. Oh no. The Caretaker Race are playing as well. And Pete Astor will be playing a set of Weather Prophets songs accompanied by Mr Steve Dore on bongos.

The gig starts at 3pm. It's free. What are you waiting for? Oh yes, October 5. We start at 2pm, roast dinners are available and kids are welcome. See you there.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

CANCELLED: The Papas & The Mamas: free gig October 12

Due to personal reasons, this gig is cancelled. The Paps & The Mams will now debut in January. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.These mamas are Sarah Cracknell and Debsey Wykes. The papas are Martin and Paul Kelly. Two sets of parents playing the songs of The Mamas & The Papas, acoustically.

You know them as, variously, members of Saint Etienne, Dolly Mixture and East Village. This is their debut gig as The Papas & The Mamas. We are, understandably, very excited.

Be at The Lexington by 3.30pm on Sunday October 12 to catch the live action. We start at 2pm as usual. Kids are welcome until 7pm. Roast dinners are available.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Happy Birthday Daylight Music

Daylight Music hits the 5-year mark in April. They've had 168 Saturday afternoons with over 500 artists. 9 of them over 3 Saturdays of our annual Lost Weekend have been Hangover Lounge guests:


The Pictish Trail


The Middle Ones


Withered Hand

Hacia Dos Veranos

The Understudies



David Tattersall


We'll be back on January 24 2015 with 3 more brilliant bands. Before then, Daylight Music are having a party on September 12.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Matinée show this Sunday - Just Joans and The Catenary Wires

Not content with the long sold-out Clientele - Birdie - Would-be-goods show tonight there is a second part to our weekend of fun arranged in conjunction with our bezzy mates at Chickfactor, this time one of our more familiar free acoustic Sunday matinée marvels. Here's what the CF page says:

We are teaming up with our pals at The Hangover Lounge to have a lovely laid-back Sunday afternoon event with some quiet music upstairs and some gentle DJ action downstairs.

july 13 at the lexington!

upstairs: the catenary wires & the just joans

downstairs: DJ bob stanley & chickfactor DJs & hangover lounge DJs

the catenary wires are amelia and rob from various bands you know! cannot wait to see what they’ll play! 
the just joans are a Scottish pop group we’re excited to have play!
daytime, usual hangover lounge hours. 
DJ Bob Stanley is bound to make your day 100% better.
Team chickfactor & Team Hangover Lounge will also get on the tables and make your head not spin.
(Yes, this happens to be the same day as the World Cup Final, but worry not, footie fans. This thing will be well over by the time it begins!)
Photograph by Alison Wonderland
Which says most of what you need to know. The Catenary Wires will be on at about 3, and the Just Joans at abut 4pm, so don't be late!

Oh, and we'll be giving away some now-traditional celebratory hand-letterpressed beermats, on a first-come basis (there aren't very many) which look like this:

photograph by me.