Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hacia Dos Veranos: The Cat and the Cucumber

Hacia Dos Veranos, Argentina’s premier purveyors of Forever Changes-style psychedelic flourish and Maurice Deebank-era Felt grandeur, have contributed a song, The Cat and the Cucumber, to the Hangover Lounge ep.

We asked songwriter Ignacio Aguilo about the song:
The Cat & Cucumber is a cafe located in Bermondsey. For a short time last winter, I lived on top of it. The cafe and the flat share drains so every time they were using the hot water at the cafe, my shower would stop completely. So I would stand there, naked, cold, soaked, waiting for the people at the cafe to stop using the water. It could be 10 seconds or 5 minutes (you never knew). So I could take the risk, stay and wait for the shower to come back soon, or get a towel and postpone my shower. In all cases, I think few times in my life I have cursed anybody or anything as much as The Cat & Cucumber. It definitively deserved a song.

The other tracks on the ep are:
• Allo Darlin’ - Tallulah
• Amor de Dias – New Wine
• The Middle Ones - Goodnight Song
• The Motifs - Envelopes
• The Claim - Old

To buy this ep, paypal £7 (UK) £8 (Europe) £10 (Americas) or £11 (Aus/NZ/Far East) to

You can also download Hacia Dos Veranos’s eponymous second album for free, which features Alasdair Maclean on guest vocals and guitar. And you should. It’s a work of art.


  1. Perfection!
    In all its beautiful flaws.

  2. Hahaha didn't know about this cafe! Beautiful and classy song.