Friday, 20 August 2010

Allo Darlin': Tallulah

Allo Darlin' - in this case Elizabeth in solo mode - very kindly gave us their best song for the Hangover Lounge ep. Elizabeth said:
When Jerv asked me to write a song for this I hadn't written a song since we'd finished our album. And I promised him one. Then I hadn't written it by the time he said he needed it. So I wrote it pretty fast, one day I remember. I don't know if you've ever lived far away from where you grew up, you probably have and still do. Sometimes maybe you wish were back there, listening to the Go-Betweens and driving to the beach. This is a song about that. And every single word is true.

You can see Elizabeth play solo this Sunday at the ep launch, as well as Amor de Dias and White Town, and you can buy the ep then. Entrance is free. The first band will be on by 4pm.

Unable to make the gig? Mail order fans should paypal £7 (UK) £8 (Europe) £10 (Americas) or £11 (Aus/NZ/Far East) to
The other tracks on the ep are:
• The Motifs - Envelopes
• Amor de Dias – New Wine
• Hacia Dos Veranos - The Cat and the Cucumber
• The Motifs - Envelopes
• The Claim - Old


  1. I cant stop listening to this song. Its perfect.


  2. when i hear her sing this song it makes me nearlycry. every time.

  3. Just perfect... i cant stop too, when im listening it, feeling an incredible and indescriptible emotion inside... pure fucking love, i mean...

    Thank you Elisabeth!!!