Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sunday: it's all happening, and it's all happening!

It's quite literally all sorts of excitement. Actually it's a subset of all sorts of excitement, that subset which is conducive to pleasingly gentle Sunday afternoons. It's some sorts of excitement.

Anyway, the point is that we have more, and more of the good stuff coming up this Sunday... we have our Colour Me Pop friends coming along to treat us to their relaxed indiepop tunes, AND we have a Jumble Sale upstairs, or to give it its proper name the New To You Craft and Vintage Harvest Festival Fayre! New To You is hosted by Travis and Emily, and promises to offer vintage clothing, records, books, dvds, cakes, and everything else you'd want on a Sunday afternoon. Except booze. But handily that's downstairs!

What's more, to accommodate all of this good we are craftily deploying the slightly earlier start time of 1pm. We'll be playing our usual mix of high quality low volume tunes downstairs, and upstairs will be New To You, until 4:30... then you can re-join the Hangover Lounge downstairs, showing off your new stuff, over a bloody mary or two... splendid.

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