Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Name That Tune: B C Camplight: Couldn't You Tell?

It came on a recommendation from a ludicrously clued-in friend and it's one of those records that I'm sure I'm going to like within 10 seconds: smooth bossafied intro followed by a nice squelch of some kind of synthesiser. All that can go wrong now is for some whiny or whispery of shouty dumb vocalist to come and foul things up.

Not this time. "Couldn't You Tell" glories in the smoothest of voices - let's call him BC - telling you straight up that he's not to be trusted, under any circumstances. Meanwhile the Camplight rollick along in a pleasingly hangover-friendly way. Which is not very rollicky, I grant you. But it does seem to be the groove it hits towards the end that gets people asking what it is. It's "Couldn't You Tell" by BC Camplight. I think it's great.

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