Saturday, 28 September 2013

Emma Kupa and Rozi Plain live October 6

Emma Kupa is a long-time Hangover Lounge favourite. We loved her old band Standard Fare so much that we released (Acoustic) Darth Vader .

We were so excited by her solo career that we saw her first gig in March .
And promptly begged booked her to play at the Lounge as soon as she could. Which is Sunday October 6.

We're equally delighted to welcome back Rozi Plain. You'll surely remember her fantastic When Are You Coming? COME ON! from the second Hangover Lounge 10" EP.

You surely won't have forgotten her Hangover Lounge gig in 2010. If you weren't there, do yourself a favour and come along this time. We start at 2pm, the live music starts at 3pm.

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