Sunday, 23 June 2013

Scott & Charlene's Wedding free gig July 14

Craig Dermody from Scott & Charlene's Wedding is playing an acoustic gig for us on Sunday July 14. This is particularly exciting for me as they're one of my favourite bands. Fakin' NYC from their second album, Any Port In A Storm, is in the same vein as last year's essential EP - the nagging insistence of Teenage Fanclub, the languid tunes of Real Estate (Alex Bleeker's songs, to be precise) and the trebly rebellion of The Modern Lovers’ Longbranch Saloon sound.

Craig came to the Lounge today. He's a top bloke and really looking forward to playing an acoustic gig. So are we. You can buy the new album at the gig. There might even be some Scott & Charlene's Wedding t-shirts, all painted by Craig, left.

Mathew Sawyer is playing a special acoustic set, too. Just imagine how good the already amazing I Got Lost In Hammersmith, for example, is going to sound.

Mathew - at last! - has a new album out in October.

The Lounge starts at 2pm. The live music starts at 3pm.

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