Thursday, 13 June 2013

Coming down in the dregs of June

Yeah yeah, I'm late with this this month, stop your nagging, you're not my mother (unless you are actually my mother reading this, which is not impossible, in which case sorry Mum, I'll try harder next month).

June's half gone already! We've been drawing breath and taking it a bit easy after the travails of May. We're working on shows AND a brand new record in the next month or two, but more of that when it's time to tell you more of that. For now, here's what's coming up in the remainder of June.

JUNE THE SIXTEENTH - It's the Hangover Lounge's first ever DORIS DAY - all four of the HL chaps' partners are gong to be rocking the decks on one glorious afternoon. This will be FUN, probably MORE FUN THAN USUAL, especially since Carlie, Gwen, Jenn and Sue are well known for having more exquisite taste than their respective worse halves.
What's more, there will be celebration tinged with sadness as we say ta-ra to Robyn - it'll be her last Hangover Lounge behind the bar, as she's leaving the Lexington to start running her own alehouse in WATFORD. We love Robyn and if you've been to the Hangover Lounge half as much as you should have, we bet you love her too. Come and buy her a drink and say cheerio. Buy us one while you're at it, and say cheers.

JUNE THE TWENTY THIRD - our Canadian Chum Michael White, who's busy writing a book about Sarah Records, will be playing some records, if he manages to survive the excitement of the Scared To Get Happy shows the night before. There may be another guest this afternoon, we'll let you know.

JUNE THE THIRTIETH - it's not an HL event, but upstairs in the evening there's a benefit show in tribute to the late Jason Molina, ranged by our great friends at Scared To Dance, and featuring our great friends The Wave Pictures and Rotifer, plus additional very secret very special guests who are also great friends of ours, even if we're not allowed to tell you who they are. It'll be a great night and you should probably just buy yourself a ticket or two. Yes Mum, that includes you.
We haven't confirmed any actual guest DJs for the afternoon yet, but we're working on something appropriate, and appropriately awesome.

Until July,  chums. Keep out of the sun. It burns.


  1. Could we know the songs that Michael White played?


    Juan from Spain

  2. Argh! I didn't write it down. It never occurred to me that anyone would be interested.


  3. Don´t you remember anything? I am interested because I think you have very good taste in music.


  4. I stole Michael's CDs at the end of his set, and some of the songs are ticked on the cover. I don't know what the ticks mean, but these are the ticked tunes:
    Diana Ross - My Place
    Dusty Springfield - Don't Let me Lose This Dream
    Elvis Costello - New Amsterdam
    Etienne Daho - La Baie
    Al Green - Loving You
    Aluminum Group - Chocolates
    Amor De Dias - In The Winter Sun
    Andy Lewis - Love Is Alive
    Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer
    JR Bailey - Love Won't Wear Off
    Chairmen of the Board - Everything's Tuesday
    The Colour Field - Thinking of You
    Esther Phillips - Nobody But You
    Terry Callier - Gotta Get Closer To You
    Tahiti 80 - 1000 Times
    Supremes - Stoned Love
    Style Council - Headstart For Happiness
    Stevie Wonder - Golden Lady
    Sondre Lerche - I Cannot Let You Go
    Shack - Carousel
    The Sea And Cake - Afternoon Speaker
    Saint Etienne - Erica America
    Reverie Sound Revue - The A.M.
    The Questions - Tuesday Sunshine
    Weekend - Summerdays
    Raphael Saadiq - Movin' Down The Line
    The Orchids -The OK Song
    Modesty Blaise - Let's Get Together
    Le Futur Pompiste - My Trophy
    Jo Ann Garnett - Foolish Me
    The Isley Brothers - Brown Eyed Girl
    Jim Jiminee - Snap Me Up

    The following are unitcked songs which I definitely remember Michael playing:
    Dexys - One Of Those Things
    Fairport Convention - Tale In A Hard Time
    Biff Bang Pow! - She Never Understood
    Birdie - Such A Sound
    Television - Days

    Hope that helps! I think Michael has very good taste in music too.

  5. Marvellous!!!!


    Juan from Spain

  6. You're too kind, Juan. For the record, the ticked tracks weren't the ones I played at Hangover. My London host's boyfriend needed some music for a wedding reception and I happened to have those CDs with me; the ticked tracks were those I recommended he use.

    And in case you noticed, it's true: I didn't play a single Sarah song.