Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Five Reasons to Come To Our Birthday Celebration on Sunday, Part 2: FREE FANZINE

Wait, what is that goodness I see before me?
It's the Hangover Lounge's 5th birthday fanzine.

I want to open it up right now and devour its contents!
You sure do. It's got drawings by Dan Willson and Darren Hayman. It's got a full colour craft page on how to make a t-shirt by Pam Berry. Andy Lewis writes about the finest musical salves for a hangover. There's an article by Ignacio from Hacia Dos Veranos and an interview with Charles Latham. And much more, including a centrefold.

A centre what?
Relax, like London's award-winning Hangover Lounge, it's family-friendly.

Jeepers creepers! I want me one of those
You may have one. They're free to all attendees of this Sunday's birthday gig.

Curses. It's not like there's anything better to do, but I can't make it. How can I get one?
The British Library or Sotheby's. If there are any left over, we'll put them in mail orders for our records.

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