Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Five Reasons to Come To Our Birthday Celebration on Sunday, Part 1

THE FIRST of our five* reasons to come to our birthday celebrations on Sunday is that it will be your opportunity to pick up your FREE, entirely EXCLUSIVE, hand-letterpressed Hangover Lounge 5th Birthday beermat.

The beermats look like this: 
and they'll be available for the asking, for as long as they last until they run out. Oh and of you never got round to picking up a free copy of our beautiful Black Tambouring In Dub / Owl and Mouse picture disc, you can get one of those too. But that's not one of the five reasons, the beermat is. I only just finished printing the mats but they'll definitely be dry by Sunday. 

The way Sunday will work, in case you were wondering, will be as a normal Hangover Lounge downstairs through Sunday afternoon, and then the live acts will be playing, amplified and breathtaking, upstairs in the evening. The evening show's a paying gig, and you can buy your tickets by clicking here.  

*There are more than five reasons to come but we've just picked five, OK? Because we ARE five. OR will be.

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