Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Coming Up in MAY!

This is the first of what will be - If we can summon up the self-discipline and the inclination - a monthly update of what's coming up at the Hangover Lounge month by month, with a side order of Sunday goodies at the Lexington more generally, when we know. You may or may not have noticed but next month is the month of May, so that seems like the correct month to tell you about. 

Here's what's on: 

May 6: it's a big day for us - it's our second Grant McLennan tribute day, with a stellar cast of musicians playing live, plus Djs from Second Language records guesting on the decks. More details about what's going on here. What's more the next day's a very special Bank Holiday - up the workers and up the Fortuna Pop live most-of-the-dayer featuring a ton of good stuff. It'd be rude not to be at both, really.

May 13: A selection of top guests today, including ace music writers Dorian Lynskey and Mark Sinker, plus a special guest to be announced. If we remember. And upstairs there's one of those awesome Wills and Moody jumble sales. 

May 19: It's a Saturday, and Saturdays are days for working up hangovers, not working them off. But at least one, and maybe more than one, HL person will be visible at the Independent Label Market at Spitalfields Market. There's every chance of spotting someone at Mason and Taylor afterwards, too. BEER. You may be interested to hear that we're working on a very special, super-limited edition of the The Hangover Lounge EPs for sale on the day, but there'll be more blogging about that before it all happens. 

May 20: One day we'll all have listings in the IMDB, but our guest on the 20th will be filmmaker and good egg Giles Borg , should be a fascinating listen. Do yourself a favour and watch this:

May 27: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!! It's our fourth birthday, and we are celebrating by having ALL (or possibly NEARLY ALL) of Allo Darlin' and the Wave Pictures plaing DJ sets. I have a feeling this might be carnage but it should be entertaining carnage. Expect the usual freebies, which may or may not include special edition beermats and delicious cakes. Soon it'll be June, but there's a lot of May to enjoy first.

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