Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Coming down in June!

May may have divided itself into two distinct sections, weather wise, but the Hangover Lounge was pretty much 100% steady-state painful FUN. Well done everybody, especially those who turned out at short notice to see the Wave Pictures and Allo Darlin' be amazing on the hottest day of the year. Onwards, though, and downwards, it's time to look forward to a flaming June of Hangover Lounges, each perfectly-conceived in its own way. 

June 3rd: starting as we mean to go on, at the top o'the shop! We're welcoming our chums from Ellis Island Sound as guest DJs. We know that that could mean anything up to about 1500 different individuals but in this instance we're talking about exercising the exquisite taste of David Sheppard and Peter Astor who between them have a list of musical achievements so long that I'm not going to insult you by listing them here.
June 10th: two guests today - our good pal and Lounge regular Peter "J" Miller, enemy of the stars, will be laying down a set of great stuff before he wends his way out of the country for a bit. Also we're welcoming Robin Turner, who probably knows as much about drinking as the four HL regulars put together (NB this is an Olympian achievement), having recently published his second book about pubs. He's also part of the much-loved Caught By The River, AND a co-conspirator in the world of Heavenly Records. WHAT'S MORE he's a total gent. I once heard him DJ a load of birdsong. There's no doubt that this will be an interesting musical afternoon, albeit at a low volume. 

June 17th - In this little heatwave, it's pleasant to remember those chilly, Januarial times when we had that awesome Saturday afternoon at the Union Chapel with Birdie, the Would-be-goods and David Tattersall. Wasn't that amazing? The mastermind behind those Saturday specials, and member of The Arctic Circle, Ben Eshmade will be our guest DJ. What a delightful fellow. And there's one of those excellent Wills-Moody Jumble Sales taking place upstairs. 

June 24th - Monster Bobby's coming to DJ. MONSTER BOBBY! He's an indie svengali, you know, and we are always dead impressed by anyone who'll come up with the kind of schemes which saw him bring a bleddy orchestra to the Hangover Lounge last time he visited us. We don't really know what he's going to play but we're looking forward to it anyway. 

And that's it, June in a nutshell. I know it's not june but it's worth noting that on July the 1st we are putting on our first ever grown-up evening show on the Sunday evening: we're welcoming The Lobster Boat Band (David Tattersall and Howard Hughes, who the eagle-eyed may have spotted contributing to out 2nd EP, few copies still available etc etc) and I'm willing to bet there'll be some pre-Indietracks shenanigans happening that day as well. 

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