Monday, 3 October 2011

The Raw Herbs

Possibly the greatest moment in The Hangover Lounge's history happened yesterday. While playing I'm Falling Down by The Raw Herbs, someone came up and asked, "is this The Raw Herbs?" There is probably no other club in the world where a Raw Herbs b-side from 1987 would be recognised. Or played even.

A shame, that, because The Raw Herbs really were a cut above the rest. The tear-in-a-beer Memphis melancholy of I'm Falling Down should be a staple of oldies stations, or at the very least the go-to song for film producers soundtracking moody shots of the guy at the bar.

Someone really should do a Raw Herbs compilation. There was very nearly a two-CD compilation of The Raw Herbs' label, Medium Cool, on Cherry Red four years ago, but the deal was, I understood at the time, not particularly favourable and so fell through.

It would've included The Raw Herbs' Janice Long session. Here's one track from that sesion, Syd's Late Night:

You can find another track from that session on former Medium Cool boss Andy Wake's blog, along with some very sad news about The Raw Herbs' drummer, Brian Alexis.

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