Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Gare Du Nord residency

There's a special series of Gare Du Nord gigs this summer. They're free, they start at 3pm and you should come. You can pick up a free 16-page magazine written by Gare Du Nord artists, largely explaining why they love each other's music. Some of their reasons may be the same as yours. Some might help you see them in a new light.

July 5: Ralegh Long, Citizen Helene, Jack Hayter

August 2: Papernut Cambridge, Rapid Results College, Picturebox

September 6: John Howard, Rotifer, The Left Outsides

The Left Outsides are, you've noticed, not on Gare Du Nord. But they share a spirit. As Jack Hayter says in the magazine:
Alison Cotton and Mark Nicholas make a chilly haunted moorland sound, combining the rock psychedelic with folk balladry in such a way that you just don’t see the joins. They both sing, and Alison’s viola is a third voice. The lovely instrumental Stargazer must surely be the best one minute space movie soundtrack ever.

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