Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Would-Be-Goods and Charm Bracelet: free gig Sunday 31 May

It's our 7th (SEVENTH) birthday so we're celebrating with a free afternoon gig starring our friends and favourites The Would-Be-Goods and newcomers Charm Bracelet.

You know The Would-Be-Goods, creators of refined and quality pop music since 1987. Every release has been vintage. They first graced our stage in 2009, we released a record by them in 2012 and they're always welcome back.

Which is why they're back.

Charm Bracelet are two ladies from Austin, Texas on a mission to "bring back the sweet & sad indiepop hits you never heard of, one tug of a heartstring at a time". You probably have heard the indiepop they play because you, dear reader, have lugholes of taste and distinction. Their repertoire numbers bands like The Clientele, The Softies, Daniel Johnston, Camera Obscura and The Magnetic Fields:

The live music starts upstairs at the Lexington 3.30pm. Stick around in the evening and watch Fever Dream, Hacia Dos Veranos and The Great Electric. We're putting that on as well.

Facebook event

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