Sunday, 25 May 2014

5 amazing gigs

Today we are 6 years old. Come along and enjoy a pint, some fine tunes and grab a birthday beer mat, designed and printed by Tim. There are some free compilation CDs, too. Join us from 2pm.

Between now and then, reminisce about 5 gigs we can't quite believe we put on (originally printed in our 5th birthday fanzine, May 2013).

Withered Hand and Pam Berry, February 16 2013
September 2012, Dan Willson is touring on a budget and looking for a place to crash after his gig supporting Frightened Rabbit. Ben’s sofa bed is offered and accepted. Talk turns to Dan’s love of Black Tambourine and how he’d love to work with Pam Berry. Ben texts Pam, who immediately responds with “I would totally love to”. Practices ensue, new songs are written and they play to 550 people at the Union Chapel. It’s wonderful. They record one of those new songs for a forthcoming Hangover Lounge picture disc.

Grant McLennan tribute gig, May 5 2013
Robert Forster turns up to watch David Westlake, Elizabeth Morris and The Mexican Postcards at our third annual McLennan tribute gig. He played in Barcelona the night before and has had only an hour’s sleep: “I don’t know if this expression still exists, but I did an all-nighter. I’m not on drugs.” After the acts, Forster takes to the stage and plays I’m Alright and Darlinghurst Nights: “I’m honoured to be here today.” The feeling is mutual.

Darren Hayman, 1 January 2012
Darren helps everyone start the year on the good foot. Hangovers are cured, clouds are parted and resolutions quickly forgotten. The crowd bellow along to “We’re Tired Of Being Dicked Around”. Life seems ok.

Birdie, 15 November 2009
Paul Kelly and Debsey Wykes tried “very hard not to sound like other groups”. The record-buying public decided that Birdie wouldn’t be their main source of income. They had a family to raise, films to make and touring with Saint Etienne to worry about. Admirable stuff, but we decided that their work wasn’t yet done. Thankfully they agreed.

Allo Darlin and The Wave Pictures, 27 May 2012
Both bands were having so much fun on their European tour that they asked us one Thursday if they could continue straight after their return on the Sunday. Only a fool would say no. We are not fools. The bands are obviously having so much fun playing. So, too, is the audience.

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