Friday 3 January 2014

The Lost Weekend 2014

The Lost Weekend - 2 days of free gigs and relaxation, interspersed with a few drinks - is back on Saturday 18 January and Sunday 19 January.

Starting at 12pm in the Union Chapel on the Saturday, we've got The Pictish Trail (he likes "drum machines, old 8-track recorders, lo-fi fuzz boxes, squelchy synthesizers" - all we know is that he'll come with an acoustic guitar and everything will be very special).

Freschard specialises in Francoise Hardy vocals, Jonathan Richman gusto, Lieber & Stoller songwriting, played with a relaxed Lou Reed guitar, a gentle Parisian swing, a nod to calypso, a country twang and some yé-yé innocence. Her latest album Boom Biddy Boom goes a little bit like this:

The Middle Ones are Grace and Anna. They play acoustic guitars, sing different vocal lines simultaneously in different keys to each other while both quite possibly out of tune, decorate their bedsit pop with toy instruments and giggle at the silliness of it all. Pop music doesn’t get more charming than this.

The Union Chapel gig finishes by 2.30pm, at which time we'll be going to the pub. See off your hangover in style the following day, Sunday 19 January, at the Lexington, where the Hangover Lounge starts at 2pm.

The live music starts upstairs at 3pm sharp, featuring:

Stanley Brinks: the umlaut in Herman Dune, collaborator with the Wave Pictures and Freschard, and ace troubadour in his own right.

Steven James Adams, once of the Broken Family Band (whose critical acclaim cruelly never quite translated into platinum sales) now of the Singing Adams (same story; it's a great one so worth hearing again). Steven's playing solo for us and it, too, will be great and worth hearing:

Michaelmas, aka Michael Wood, aka Singing Adams bassist, is playing a rare solo gig. You might remember Michaelmas. You would if you saw them.

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