Monday, 19 August 2013

Coming up in the remainder of August and also September too!

In the words of the song by Twice As Much which I've been playing quite a lot lately, The Summer's Ending. Minds turn sadly to the long slog through to Christmas, shortening days and coldening weather. Chin up though! For any given misery-drenched Monday morning there's the opportunity to stave off the dread of the week ahead with a Sunday afternoon kicking back at the Hangover Lounge.

Here's what we have in store for us. You. For you. Yes, that's right. Here's what we have in store for you: 

SUNDAY THE TWENTY FIFTH OF AUGUST: Bank Holiday Sunday, no work tomorrow, no need to hold back on that delicious bottle of American beer which you've been eyeing but turning down due to good sense. We have top drawer guest DJs to entertain and beguile you as well, by which I mean Messrs Pete Astor and David Sheppard returning once again to grace the Lexington. Learned, erudite, and as much of a pleasure to hear them DJ as it is to hear them play. Our advice is to come along and get pleasingly drunk. 

SUNDAY THE FIRST OF SEPTEMBER: Two of our favourite people in the world, people who've been our regular collaborators and co-conspirators, goodness knows how many times they've DJed for us and yet they never get boring: the two and only PAMELA BERRY and MICHAEL JONES. If I wasn't going to be there anyway I would be saying "I am SO there" right now. 

SUNDAY THE EIGHTH OF SEPTEMBER: Another guest drawn from our friends and regulars. You know Nick Pettigrew? Quite likely you've met him at the Lounge at some point, putting the rest of us to shame with his dapper demeanour and ready wit. He also has exquisite taste in music and is going to demonstrate such for us. 

unamplified music upstairs in the usual style, this time featuring none other than the not-less-than-legendary COMET GAIN! Plus as yet UNANNOUNCED ADDITIONAL LIVE TREAT(S). Which we'll tell you about in due course, of course.

Not only that but we will be welcoming for a first-ever Hangover Lounge guest spot DAVID CALLAHAN of The Wolfhounds (and indeed Moonshake, amongst other good things). I first saw David play live seventeen years ago, give or take six weeks. He's been something of a hero to me ever since and I can't wait to hear him play records.

More on all of these shenanigans sooner rather than later.

SUNDAY THE TWENTY SECOND OF SEPTEMBER: another lead singer of one of our favourite ever bands getting busy with the Lexington dexington, this time Mister Josh Gennet of the band "Holiday" and the quality "Awesome". He's DJing and he will be an absolute wonder, as always.

SUNDAY THE TWENTY NINTH OF SEPTEMBER: he was the bassist in Help Stamp Out Loneliness and Language of Flowers, he's a firecely fine fellow and he hasn't DJed for us in far too long. His name is Colm McCrory and we, collectively, love him. And we know you do too.

Blimey! That was a lot to tell you about. You can stick your summer where the sun don't shine. This month-and-a-bit is going to be fantastic!  

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  1. Please, Could you write the songs that Pam Berry and Michael Jones play and then post on the blog?

    Juan from Spain