Wednesday 3 April 2013

Rotifer, Owl & Mouse and Ralegh Long gig, 14 April

Robert Rotifer is a journalist, painter, broadcaster and most importantly purveyor of classic pop songs. He’s had a number one indie hit in Austria, he’s got an album out on AED records that was produced by Wreckless Eric, but he has only played at the Hangover Lounge once. His return on 14 April will mark a new high in Robert’s career. And for us, too, as his set last time around was an unmitigated, crowd-pleasing pleasure.

You know all about Owl & Mouse, right? It’s hard to believe you don’t. You’ve probably heard Canvas Bags – their Hangover Lounge picture disc (a few free copies are still available to Lounge attendees) – on the radio. If you’ve seen them live recently, then you’ll know they just keep getting better. If you haven’t seen them live recently (or, indeed, ever) rectify that on 14 April.

Ralegh Long
We know Ralegh Long because he’s been to the Hangover Lounge enough times. It’s about time he got some work done on a Sunday instead of loafing around drinking and chatting, especially given the high quality of his spare, melodic, moody songs.

Live music starts at 3pm.

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