Sunday, 17 February 2013

Me and you could maybe use a lost weekend

What a first day! Withered Hand showing real class by opening with No Cigarettes with its signature salvo "me and you could maybe use a lost weekend".

Hacia Dos Veranos were led by guitarist Ignacio who marshalled a band of ace musicians.

The Understudies featuring A Little Orchestra filled the Union Chapel with classic pop, sumptuous strings, woodwind and horns.

Thanks to all 550 people who came along. Extra marks to The Understudies' new bassist Thom who waved to the crowd as he took the stage (I thought he might shout "hello Wembley"). Afterwards Thom told me, "This band hadn't played a venue this size before I joined". The Understudies and A Little Orchestra are playing the Buffalo Bar on March 28.

It was great meeting Dan Willson's dad, Andy, in the pub afterwards:
Andy: "There's a lot of lines in the songs that I get and I understand the meaning behind."
HL: So, about that futon in Religious Songs, then...
Andy: "Oh, I know all about that futon. But I can assure you that it wasn't in my house."

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